Milton Jr. Eagles Coaches Agreement

Milton Jr. Eagles Coaches Agreement

  • Coaches Commitment Agreement

    Milton Jr. Eagles Basketball is a 501C3 non-profit, 100% volunteer organization dedicated to providing advanced basketball opportunities to residents zoned to the Milton High School. The success of the Jr. Eagle program begins with great coaches. Jr. Eagle Basketball considers the coaches to be our program’s most important asset.

    Jr. Eagles Basketball will select coaches who:

    • Teach fundamental basketball skills
    • Have proven experience developing players and teams
    • Provide a model of strong character for our players
    This Coaches Commitment Agreement establishes some basic expectations that the Jr. Eagles Basketball Board of Directors has of our coaches. By executing this Agreement, coaches acknowledge that they have read this Agreement and will abide by the Agreement throughout their time as a Jr. Eagles Coach


    1. All coaches will refrain from the use of inappropriate language, offensive behavior, alcoholic beverages, and all tobacco products when representing the Jr. Eagle program.
    2. All coaches will promote with their players the development of strong character, a sense of responsibility and the ideals of good sportsmanship.
    3. All coaches will place the emotional and physical well-being of their players ahead of any personal desire to win.
    4. All coaches will do everything in their power to provide a safe playing situation for their players.
    5. All coaches will instruct players/parents associated with a Jr. Eagles team to demonstrate good sportsmanship during games.
    6. All coaches will refrain from excessive verbal abuse of referees when coaching. We recognize that poor refereeing is unfortunately part of youth sports. After games, please feel free to bring referee issues in tournaments and league play to the attention of the league or tournament director in a respectful manner.
    7. Coaches can also be AAU coaches for spring and summer basketball. However, during the Jr. Eagle season, coaches will not actively recruit their Jr. Eagle players for their team, training sessions or other related activities.


    1. Safety of our players is paramount. All coaches need to allow players to drink water at any time a player requests and at a minimum every 20 minutes of practice time.
    2. Coaches will leave all practice and game facilities in better shape then they found it and ensure our players do also, free of any trash, water bottles, clothing, etc.
    3. Please ensure all players have a ride or parent/guardian en-route after practices and games before leaving the facility.
    4. All Head Coaches and Assistant Head Coaches must pass a background check approved by the Jr. Eagles Board.
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